Unblocking a toilet is simple and quick when you know how. I’ll give a brief explanation in this article on how to use a plunger to loosen the blockage. Then Jesse from ClearFlo Plumbing suggest using an auger to push the blockage through so it can be flushed away. Most of us in the modern society tend to take our toilets for granted. Until when they are blocked before we begin looking or paying attention to them. For anyone who has experienced the frustration of having to pay huge sums of cash for a plumber hour long visit, here are some steps on how to unclog a toilet.

Firstly use the plunger. When your toilet is blocked, use a plunger to unblock the damage. Try using a gloves as the water level might be high. Now use your plunger and push it down into the bottom of your toilet. Make sure the bottom of the toilet should be airtight. Once you have done that, you now pump some air. The pressure might push any dirt down the drain. You can do that for a couple of times and you now flush

Secondly, a toilet auger or a plumber snake as it is sometimes called is available in most plumbing hardware stores. It is a special plumbing tool used to clear blocked toilets. This tool uses a flexible rod with a crank hand. Using such equipment maybe scary for some people as they don’t know what they are doing or have never done it before. Believe me it’s too easy. Insert the auger and with a to and fro will unblock any dirt it fines on the pipe line. But you have to make sure you insert the auger right down the line to obtain results. However buying such a tool will cost money but belief me not as much as when you would have rush to the phone to make that call.

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