When you are buying a home you want to get a property inspection. You also want to save $40,000 by inspecting your pipes. Save $40,000 because if you don’t have your sewer system inspected, this is how much you could be paying to have your pipes dug up, repaired and landscaping redone. If you are in an old neighborhood and you have to rip up a tree, you also may be required to replant that tree, sometimes the trees belong to the city. Big dollars

Out of sight, out of mind…… if you want to go broke!

Pay attention to if you have large trees on your property, a large tree is always going to have a large network of roots, these roots will always find where there is water. If there is even the slightest moisture around your buried pipes, the trees with find this moisture and force their way into your pipes, leaving your sewer system with a crippling handicap. Sometimes trees with just find their way into the sewer system through the joints.

Your sewer line now needs to have regular drain cleaning done on it which is going to be very expensive. I have met with home owners who have had a large tree in their yard and I went out to clean his line once a month for a few hours everytime. His drain line maintenance was about $700/month. That is INSANE!! Don’t get emotional about buying a home before you conduct your due diligence!

Ask for a sewer inspection and protect yourself and your money

In order to protect yourself, your home and your money, you want to get a sewer inspection BEFORE you buy the house. This is especially important if you are in an older home where the piping could be clay. After all, you are responsibly for all piping up to your property line. The last thing you want to do is be paying $700 or more a month for a plumber to keep your drains cleared from roots or worse, dig up your yard after you buy your perfect dream home or cash flow property.

Find yourself a reputable Red Seal Plumber when getting someone to inspect your drains, also visit ClearFloHVAC.com for more tips and tricks