The first thing that you absolutely must do when buying your perfect toilet, is look up the flushing power on This is hands down the most important part of choosing the perfect toilet because your headache and maintenance will be affect by a low flushing power toilet. This is especially true in basements where, due to a shallow fixture outlet pipe, not a lot of siphon action is taking place as it is. Everything else in this list is subjective to individual preference. Of course if you just want a great flushing toilet for a great price, I can have an outstanding toilet installed for you for under $600 in the Edmonton area. Call ClearFlo Plumbing at 587-597-8873

Step 2:

Decide on the perfect toilet bowl height!

The standard for bowl height is roughly 15″ off the floor, but there are more and more people opting for increased heights up to 18″ off the floor. The elderly are enjoying this route as it is easier for them to get on and off the toilet. HOWEVER, and increased bowl height is not a natural squatting position. You might find with these comfort height toilets, that it is more difficult to squeeze one out. Head over to and get back to the natural squatting position for a better passing!

Step 3:

1 piece vs. 2 piece!

A 1 piece toilet is going to off sanitary benefits, at the cost of a higher price. 1 piece toilets are easier to clean as there are no nooks and crannies for dirt and……other stuff to get into. The 2 piece toilet is the standard toilet that we are all used to. If you have the money, go with the 1 piece. For the amount of times you spend cleaning your toilet, you will be glad you spent the extra to have a 1 piece installed.

Step 4:

Toilet Bowl Shape!

Really there are only 2 options here. Round and elongated. The elongated ones are the toilets you see in restaurants and commercial establishments. By Canadian plumbing code, they have to be elongated for a public washroom. Ask me why! go ahead and ask…….Ok you twisted my arm. Reasons are sanitary. Picture the woman in front of you changing her tampon, the used tampon hits the underside of the rim of a regular toilet. VERY UNCOOL!!  Also for the men’s washroom, picture the guy sitting down and he has a disease and his pee pee. His wee wee hits the underside of the toilet seat. Next person to go and sit down gets his disease, when his pee pee hits the underside of the toilet seat!! Be careful in public washrooms my friends! For your personal residence, if you have the money then go with elongated.

That’s it guys.

My recommendations are:

TOTO Drake! Best flush for the money as a 2 piece

KOHLER Adair! Best flush for the dollar in a 1 piece

Model & Serial Number

Now if you want to know how to check out the make a model of your serial number:

Pop the tank off and look at the 4 numbers on the bottom, that is the model number. Plug that, along with the make into the google machine.


Don’t let any plumber up-sell you on any toilet without doing your research. Many plumbers don’t have a clue what toilets are the best for flushing and will sell a customer just on brand or because they have some stock they want to get rid of. Send me an email and ask me any questions regarding plumbing. I’m here to help.