Taking Pride in whatever we are called to do.

Its always late at night, in the middle of winter, or on the holidays...

We at ClearFlo Plumbing and HVAC, take pride in solving problems, and helping people in a crisis.

As much as we enjoy working on brand new building projects too, renovations always have a challenge and a WOW factor with great before and after results.

Let us know what your needs are, in a crisis, or in a dream renovation, we want to help.

Backed Up Basement

Not fun to come home to, but we have what it takes to clear your blockage, and help get you cleaned up again.

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Furnace Repairs

Fans, Motors, pilot lights... in this case... the mother board itself. Your heating and cooling comfort is important to us, we'll get you warm again.

Blocked Toilet

Sometimes its more than just a plugged toilet, it can be the drain pipes themselves. We have high pressure hoses, and root cutters, to ensure the fluids are flowing again.

Backed Up Toilet

No matter what the blockage, toys, paper, food, we'll get you flowing again, before spilling over!

Kitchen Renovations

Fridge water lines, ice-makers, coffee makers, dish washers, surface or under counter sinks, food disposal units and basic to electronic faucets. We'll get it all working smoothly.


Complex water diverters or basic plumbing, we take pride in our work, and ensure it passes inspection first time.

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Hot Water Tank Repairs

Thermostats, heater coils, corrosion, leaks, pilot lights... not matter, we'll have your bath water hot again!

Bathroom Renovations

Air jets, water jets, mood lighted tubs, we will search out the best deal and install it for you.

Custom Showers

Rain Showers, steam, foot water temperature testers, heated floors, handicap access, what ever you can think of, we can make it work.

Furnace Repairs

They always seem to break down on the coldest days, when they are under the most stress. Fans, motors, filters, pilot lights, we'll turn the heat back on.

Bathroom Renovations

Sinks, toilets, bidets, showers, jet tubs, steam rooms, foot washers, heated floor. Whatever your dream bathroom consists of, we'll make it work.

Under Floor Crawl Space

Mobile homes, trailers, bungalows, all have tight crawl spaces, that often aren't heated well. Heat tape applications maybe required... Glad we are skinny!