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Septic Design

Design and layout of septic systems. Permit applications, Installation and maintenance contracting.
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Plumbing Repairs

Cleaning, Repairs, Upgrades, New installations – Hot and Cold water to drainage – we have you covered.
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Pressure Jet Cleaning

Grease, Hair Balls, Objects, Sediment can all be guilty of blocking drains. High pressure cleaning can cut through the mess.
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Hydronic Heating

Most comfortable and efficient heating systems for homes, especially with small children playing on the floor!
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Hot Water Tanks & Boilers

Pilot Lights, Pressure Valves, Heating elements are all areas for maintenance to keep your hot water flowing.
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Water Treatment

Iron Filters, Carbon Filters, Sand Filters, Ozone Injectors, Chlorine Injectors, Reverse Osmosis – Many ways to provide clean water!

Pilot Light

I called Mr. Janzen of ClearFlo Plumbing to come and repair my hot water tank when I was unable to light the pilot light. I was very impressed that he asked me for information about the type of tank and went to purchase all of the necessary parts before showing up to do the repair.

He gave me a 30 minute heads up before arriving, which has never happened with a repair person of any kind. When he got here, he removed his shoes at the door. You would be surprised how many plumbers think it is their right to walk through the house in filthy boots.

He fixed the hot water tank with no fuss and definitely no muss. He also gave us good advice for future maintenance of all of our gas appliances. The best surprise of all was when we paid him. His call-out fee is phenomenal! We will be asking him back to perform regular maintenance.

His service was prompt, courteous and efficient!

Connie Clarke

Leaky Toilet

I called Jesse in a bit of a panic one Saturday when I found water had leaked from a toilet connection through the floor to the basement.

Jesse had been out of town and stopped at my house on his way home. He provided a cost-effective solution.

He is personable, professional, and provides much more value than expected. He even showed me how to extend the life of my hot water tank and didn’t charge me for it!

Cheryl Atkins

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